English Lab was formerly American Lone Star of Education. We’ve rebranded! Why? English Lab is just easier to say.  That does not change the great level of teaching.!!

At English Lab, we teach English from an American perspective. 

All classes are online. Below you can find a list of classes we offer.

"Teaching is the highest form of understanding"
Greek Philosopher

International Student Base

Our students are from all around the world: Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Estonia, China, Israel, the United States and more.

Some students come for one course, some come for many courses and learn with us for years. They understand the need to keep working on maintaining their English level and skills. 

Our Mission

At English Lab, we try to make learning English as a second language as easy and enjoyable as possible. 

Our goal is to help each student achieve their goals and learn English so they can thrive in the international world, no matter if it is for leisure or for business. 

Our Teachers

Our teachers are highly trained and educated in teaching English as a second language, having English degrees and or a TEFL certificate.