English Lab’s New Life with English Initiative was created to help Ukrainians that have suffered great loss because of the war brought on by Russia. English Lab was founded by James & Oksana White. James is an American that moved to Dnipro, where he met Oksana. Both are English teachers and met because of that. After getting married, they combined their abilities and started English Lab to help Ukrainians learn English from a truly American perspective. James came to Ukraine in 2015 as a volunteer to help train them military in combat medicine. Oksana is a graduate of the University of Customs in Dnipro. So, Ukraine is truly at the heart of English Lab.

Thus, because of the currently situation and great needs of the Ukrainian people, we have started NLE to help people get to a B2 level of English so they can: compete on the global job market in jobs that require English proficiency, find a new job that requires English because they have lost their job in Ukraine due to the war, a spouse has been killed in the war and the surviving spouse needs to have a job that will all him/her to provide for their family, a child has been orphaned, a person has been critically injured (i.e. lost a limb, can no longer walk, etc.). Most importantly, NLE is for those who DO NOT have the financial means to pay for English lessons on their own. Those who have the financial means may want to consider becoming a sponsor or donor to help those who truly need a helping hand.

Here is the criteria for applicants to apply. You must meet at least 1 of the following to be eligible, you do not have to meet all to be eligible.

Child(under 18):

  • Is a refugee and living outside of Ukraine

  • Has lost one or both parents in the war

  • Has been critically injured

  • Has had their house destroyed by attacks

  • Home city is occupied, and the child cannot return

  • Plans to attend a university abroad that requires English, and is planning on returning to Ukraine after university


  • Is a refugee and living outside of Ukraine

  •  Has lost a spouse and has children to take care of

  • Has been critically injured and needs English to do a less or non-physical job (i.e., programming, designing, etc.)

  • Has had their house destroyed by attacks

  • Home city is occupied, and you cannot return