James White - English Teacher

James is the founder of English Lab. He has a wide range of experiences and education. Right after highschool he joined the US Army and later joined the US Navy. He earned degrees in Laboratory medicine and English. As an entrepreneur, he has owned businesses in the US, Ireland, and Ukraine, managing staff in multiple countries. James has over 10 years of teaching experience and specializes in teaching General English, Medical English, Business English, and IT English. 

James enjoys a wide range of outdoor activities, traveling, gun shooting, cooking, and spending time with his family. 

Oksana White - English Teacher

Oksana is the co-founder of English Lab and has a degree in law and English and is TEFL certified. She has been teaching for over ten years, and has taught students all around the world in multiple industries. Oksana specializes in General English, Business English and IT English.

She loves spending time with family, enjoying long walks, and drinking coffee.

Michael Luck - English Teacher

Michael has an extensive background in training & teaching, beginning in the US army, and nearly two decades of business, operations, and sales management, focusing on building people to achieve their potential.

He enjoys spending time with family, driving, reading, writing, and listening to music.

Valentyna Yarotska - Polish Teacher

Valentyna is a Polish philology graduate from Kyiv Slavic University, attended the University of Warsaw and has been teaching Polish for over 7 years. She has extensive experience in not only teaching general Polish to Ukrainian and Russian speakers, but also helping them prepare for Polish exams.

Introductory videos in Ukrainian or Russian.