What our clients say about us


Very professional and highly recommended! It has been very helpful for my professional and personal life.

Tomek Kloc

The best personal investment this year. My goal was to get more confident with speaking in English both in the business area and on the daily basis.


Classes with James are unpredictable, but definitely always interesting, useful and very informative. James share with students the nuances of the correct use of English words that cannot be found in the book. And also James has a great sense of humor, so classes are held in a light atmosphere.

Max Melanchuk

Have English lessons with a native speaker is always a good idea!

Yurii Khamil

Classes are just fantastic. The lessons are always interesting and fun.

Jane K.

I love teacher style and ways of learning English. Our lessons are pretty interesting and full of good mood! My English became better – now it is much, much easy to me talk in English with clients. Thank you James!

Andrii A.

Studying English with the native speaker is totally helpful thing for me as I get closer to the culture and the way natives use their language. The learning process is interesting and fun. I highly recommend to study English with English Lab!

Andrii Alekseenko

Anna P.

I really like the lessons with English Lab and with the teacher Oksana, she helps me a lot in learning English. Lessons with her are varied, fun and educational. I am very glad that I have the opportunity to study with the English Lab.


Thank you so much, I do love lessons with Oksana.
My English has improved. I’m so happy! ☺️
Best wishes to English Lab 🙌


My teacher Oksana is great. She can find an approach to every student. I have never studied English for so long. Thanks for fanny lessons!)

Mariia N.

Thank you so much for teaching our kids English. We have such a great progress during last two years we cooperate. But the most important thing is that they love to learn English and are happy with gamification of learning process.


I have been learning English with Oksana for 3 years. My speaking skill become much better. I feel comfortable being abroad, communicating with foreign customers during meetings and by phone. Actually, my last assessment was B2+. One of the most valuable thing is possibility to choose topic to discuss. It makes me more engaged in learning process.

Saveliy V.

I really enjoyed studying here! Very kind positive and competent teachers! 😍❤️

Max Kuznetsov

Oksana White is the best teacher I have ever known! She has a great teaching plan, interesting and varied lessons. I highly recommend her to everyone, whatever your English level.

Olha Gruzglina

I joined the English Lab when I lived in Dnipro, my friend recommended this place. I took individual classes with Oksana White and also went to conversation club with James White. They are great teachers who can teach you how to speak and think in English in a fun way. They can help you become more confident and not be afraid to make mistakes because it’s part of the learning process. If you are so lucky like me, they will become your friends!☺️

Maria N.

I would like to share my thoughts in English, not in my native language. Hope it will help all readers to make the right choice))

I have been working with Oksana for several years. And I can use Present Perfect Continuous Tense because of her excellent teaching skills))
The best part for me is that my lessons are flexible. Oksana uses different teaching tools: TED Talks, books, films, not just one book with common instructions. As a result, the program is drawn up taking into account my needs, progress, and, most importantly, interests.


It is a good opportunity to learn English professionally. I enjoyed learning and I learned a lot of things that I have to follow while speaking English

Nikolay P.

Удобный формат обучения. Все грамматические правила подаются доступным и понятным языком. Очень нравится учить английский с English Lab


Interesting and interactive lessons with Oksana really helped me to improve my skills in English! Friendly atmosphere and helpful educational sources created a good fundament for implementing new knowledge and increasing my current level. But it’s important to remember that not only teachers help to get a good knowledge but the students have to work hard and make effort to have a good results.Teachers in EnglishLab, Oksana particularly, helped me to build personal way for education and helped to find my weak spots which I try to work with on my pace.